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The outside of a horse is good for the inside of a man...
Meet The Gang!
We are huge fans of Parelli Natural Horse.Man.Ship
It enables you to truly communicate with your horse
in much the same way that horses communicate with
each other within their herd.
To find out more about Parelli, please visit their website:
We attended the 2008 Parelli Tour (Harrisburg PA) and won this playball
Click   HERE to view some of the highlights!  It’s totally amazing!
Why did we take up Parelli?  How do you know if you need Parelli?
Watch this video clip, and see if this looks like YOU!
You will need to use your BROWSER BUTTON TO COME BACK!
How good can it get?  Watch this video clip of Stacy Westfall (and have your Kleenex ready!)
Want to Live Your Dream?? 
Watch this clip and you will see why we got “hooked”!
Delia aboard “Jesse”
Colleen & “Tristan”
“Rosemary & “Diego”
Mary Anne aboard “Rebel”
     Lydia and “Domino”
     Debbie and “Katie”