K9  C.S.I. Canine Sniffer Instinct What is C.S.I.?  It’s NOSEWORK!  “sniff it up”.  “Sniff it out”  The exciting new K9 sport of odor-detection for fun! A great energy burner for dogs of all ages/breeds, and builds confidence in shy or reactive dogs. Box Search: Up to 20 boxes 19 blank 1 contains the “Target Odor” of “Sweet Birch” Detects the odor Evie checking the boxes for the Target Odor Passive Alert - Evie “sits” Red Scent Board-up to 34 containers to check “Show me”-The dog has to pinpoint the find & show the handler which container is the correct one. Instructor/trainer Ginny Neher and her amazing Sheltie, “Fairfax All Fired Up RN, TD”  (Evie) Evie can also find PEOPLE! For more information contact: Ginny Neher, Snifferdog Instructor                    905-478-4060 email:  dogsports_training@yahoo.ca www.breedersshowcase.com/dogsports