A typical pet shop puppy:  $1500.00 Characteristics:  Fine boned, very big round eyes (eyes may be runny), dirty coat from being raised on newsprint; fearful towards children or new people, very wide skull compared to muzzle (nose).  Often have heart murmurs, genetic skin conditions (Sheltie Skin Syndrome). “Tailight warranty”:  once your leave their premises, the party is over.  They don’t want to see you again unless you are buying dog food or accessories.  If your dog is sick, you must see “their” vet, who will pronounce your dog “healthy”. NOTE:  Many of these puppies are registered with the “Alabama Dog Club”.  This is NOT on official registry body, and should in no way be confused with the Canadian Kennel Club (CKC) or the American Kennel Club (AKC). A quality Fairfax puppy:  $850.00 Characteristics:  Heavy boned, small, almond shaped eyes,  wedge-shaped skull with plently of muzzle and underjaw, clean and smelling lide the cedar shavings they are raised on; confident with children or new people because of socialization in our home. We have used the same veterinarian for the last 27 years, and are happy to refer new clients to him.  All of our puppies are Canadian Kennel Club registered, are healthy, and come with a comprehensive written health guarantee. We guarantee our dogs FOR LIFE against genetic disease. Shelties are wonderful family companions! A Sheltie is: Good with children Shelties love to play,and are very gentle creatures, that have the patience for small children. Love the outdoors! Not All Shelties like to swim, but many enjoy boat rides, canoeing, hiking & cross-country skiing with you! Holly & Sarah; looking for minnows.

It is important to buy your Sheltie from a reputable breeder!

We are happy to refer you to someone reputable when we don’t have any pups available.  Drop us a line! NEVER BUY A PUPPY FROM A PET SHOP! Pet shops purchase puppies from “Puppy Mills” (often in the U.S.) for as little as $75.00 They are poor quality specimens, often riddled with disease and parasites that can be transferred to humans, AND they can have many genetic defects. Some people just can’t resist “the puppy in the pet shop window”, and will often pay 3 times as much money as the going rate for a quality, guaranteed specimen from a reputable breeder!                                            EDUCATE YOURSELF!